35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp

35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp
  • Are you ready to stop repeating the same mistakes and sabotaging your happiness, peace, and joy?
  • Are you ready to commit to being the best version of you? 
  • Are you ready to do the intense work that a boot camp entails?
Here is what you get in this program: 
  1. You choose your start date: Pick the 35-Day block of time to do the boot camp. I highly suggest to make sure you aren't traveling during the 35-day period of your choice. 
  2. The 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp Workbook: Daily work is conveniently laid out for easy completion. Daily work around 15-45min.
  3. 3-Live consultations via phone and/or video chat: I told you this program is personalized! The first call is to make sure we set you up to have the greatest success in the program. Call two is after week two, the most challenging and revealing week. Call three is scheduled when you want it within the 35 days of your program start date. I'm committed to make sure you get the most out of this program. It is after all a BOOT CAMP. I committed to working with individuals who put the work in and need a little assistance in bring their best selves to the surface. 
  4. Daily access to me via Facebook messenger and e-mail: I'm with you for each day of the 35-days. If you are struggling and need help through the activities, I'm there. You can check-in daily with your activities for accountability. You can let me know what your going through so I can help you stay committed to the boot camp and being the best version of yourself. 
  5. Weekly review: At the end of every week you will submit your work where I will review it and give you feedback via e-mail or Facebook Messenger.
  6. Upon completion Access to Private Group of 35-Day Boot Camp Champions: This group is like-minded people who are committed to being better. 

Week 1: First Consult        
ü Building your self-care tool chest 
ü Determining what you REALLY want
ü Submit daily and weekly assignments/ Review work via e-mail
Week 2: 
ü Getting personal with yourself and what is holding you back 
ü Discovering & exploring what you want from yourself
ü Submit daily and weekly assignments/ Review work via e-mail
Week 3: Second Consult
ü Refocusing your attention & perspective 
ü Exploring creative ways to reframe where your mind goes
ü Submit daily and weekly assignments/ Review work via e-mail
 Week 4: Make appointment for 3rdand final consult
ü Embracing your value
ü Committing to treating yourself the way you deserve
ü Submit daily and weekly assignments/ Review work via e-mail
Week 5: 
ü Developing a plan for your continued success
ü Making a commitment to yourself
ü Submit daily and weekly assignments/ Review work via e-mail
ü ALL consults completed

Once you sign-up the program is non-refundable. Even if you don't complete the program you will have the tools to complete it when you're ready. This is an investment in you. I can't make you do the work. This is a boot camp. If you want the results, you have to commit to the process. 

Due to the materials, personalization, and small numbers of individuals I can serve during the process - this program could be sold for $1500 and be well worth the investment. The tools and transformation that happens during these 35 days are priceless and you will have the tools for a lifetime.  

If you sign-up in February-March 31, 2019 you are only going to pay $249.

If you really want to participate in this program, and that price tag is just out of your reach– E-mail me! Let's see what we can do!

For more information e-mail Rachael Wolff at LettersFromAbetterMe@gmail.com or see me on http://Facebook.com/FromALovingPlace and send me a message there. 

Registration for a the 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp is OPEN NOW!

Paying for the program is easy using this button below. DO NOT pay for the program until we have completed our first consult. To set up a time please e-mail me at lettersfromabetterme@gmail.com.
I want to make sure that you will get the most out of this program!

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