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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dear Voters

I respect your right to choose what matters to you. I respect your right to make decisions according to your beliefs. Just remember, mine might be different than yours. That doesn’t make you better or less than I am. We might have been raised VERY differently or experienced VERY different realities, so the things that matter to me don’t matter to you and vice versa. This doesn’t mean that one of us is ALL right and the other is ALL wrong. 

We can use our differences to create a better world, but not by condemnation of the other. That is how we become corrupt. That is how we end up supporting the corruption on both sides. If we spread hate, we are supporting more hate, crime, oppression, fear, and misery. I was very sad to see both sides doing this in their campaigns. Neither side is above it, so neither side is perfect. It is impossible to be perfect and make all the right choices. If we can’t do it in our own lives, how would be expect a large party to do it. I can see both sides supporting what they don’t want to see in the world. I have to wade through all our human imperfections and make choices that feel the best for me. You need to do the same. 

I just hope that in the end, our humanity wins. For that reason, I will choose to do my best to serve my country with love and respect for all. 

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me 

Rachael Wolff ©2018 


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dear Social Media Users,

I know this seems hard to believe, but many of us have been used as a form of narcissist abuse. We have all read articles on what narcissists do and we cringe thinking about the poor women, men, and children who have had to suffer at the hands of a narcissist. For some of us the stories hit even closer to home because it might have been our family, our friends, or us who is or was the people/person being abused. There are different levels of narcissism, and Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD), isn’t easily diagnosed. Yet people with NPD have an amazing tool with social media to continue their extended abuse.

The worst part is we are trained to accept and perpetuate abuse in our society when we are asked to quickly judge women, men, politicians, celebrities, athletes, victims, alleged perpetrators, religious organizations, ethnic backgrounds, businesses, etc.… We are so quick to judge that we forget to dig deeper. We post things without investigating to see the background of what we post. We leave comments and emojis, likes, and loves on posts, which are actually perpetuating the problem and making it easier for narcissist to abuse their victims. We are actually becoming the very thing that many of us are so sick of seeing. We who were once victims have become perpetrators of hate, fear, and condemnation and many of us do this blindly. We may think we are being a friend, patriot, or fighting for what we stand against. We have become a person who contributes to a narcissist’s playground.  Narcissists love making themselves the victims and making their actual victims the villain. Part of their M.O. is that they turn everyone they can against the actual victim of their abuse. They will do whatever it takes to destroy the reputation of the their victim. They try to turn the victim’s family, friends, employers, and communities against them. Now, do see how social media is a narcissist’s playground 

Healthy people don’t intentionally do things to hurt others. If you don’t want to contribute to potential abuse, PLEASE DON’T:
·     Leave likes, loves, emojis, or comments on people’s posts who are bashing others without proof.
·     If you see a picture or video of someone, dig deeper! Don’t ask the person who posted it. Sometimes the truth is in the comments. Other times you will be required to dig deeper. 
·     If someone says, “They didn’t ANYTHING wrong.”…Umm think about it! Who hasn’t done something wrong… who hasn’t been guilty of reacting to someone else’s poor behavior with our own? That sounds like someone painting a pretty skewed picture to me…before you react, INVESTIGATE! The last perfect human I’ve read about was named Jesus. 
·     If a person is personally attacking an ex on social media…DO NOT ENGAGE!!! Don’t show them support if you haven’t hung out with the couple or know them personally in their everyday life. Knowing them from childhood or before the relationship doesn’t count. INVESTIGATE THE CLAIM!! Otherwise you can easily become apart of abusing another person unbeknownst to you.
·     SLOW DOWN, think about what you’re reacting to. It may sound like something you went through, it may trigger you because a friend is posting it, it may sound like you once felt. Just stop and think before you respond to any posts that engage in tearing someone else down on a personal or public level.

I know that most people reading this are good people, caught up in societal webs made of judgment. I’m not above it either. Here is just one example, I’ve laughed at a person I thought was drunk on a viral video. Through research I found out the poor woman who has been going through hell in her personal life actually had heat stroke. I was so quick to judge her because it looked like someone in my past who was messed up on drugs and alcohol. Luckily, because I have been the victim of an abuser using social media to TRY to hurt me, I investigated and found out the truth. I was horrified that even after showing proof of what happened, the person showing the video could let it continue to go viral after knowing what this poor woman was actually going through. That is when I saw how easy it is to get caught in this web. 

If you post hateful, uninvestigated, and cruel comments on social media, I won’t engage and perpetuate this problem. I DON’T want be apart of the energy that is allowing victims to keep getting abused. I commit to investigating claims before I show my support. My mission is to swing the pendulum towards love. I won’t be apart of spreading hate. This I commit to you. 

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me ©2018

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Dear Addicted Child (Adult),

A Letter from Chapter 4: Healing and Releasing the Past

For those who have some healing to do with loved ones…

Dear Addicted Child (Adult), 

I’m sorry that you found your way to addiction. That is a tough path, and once you’re on it, choices feel limited. I had to realize that I can’t rescue you from this. You are on this path for a reason. The best I can do is show you by example that there is a healthier and happier way. I can’t preach it to you. I just have to live my life the best I can and show you what is possible. I will let you know that I love you, but I can’t enable you.  You must be the one who takes back control of your life. I know you are capable. If I keep rescuing you from yourself, I’m telling you that you can’t get better without me. The truth is: You can’t get better if I’m in control. I will just perpetuate the cycle that you aren’t good enough, and you are good enough. When I enable you, all I'm doing is perpetuating the problem. You have to experience your own consequences in order to grow from them. I know you are capable of living a better life, but you have to choose to. I can't do it for you.
I will be here to love you and to listen, but I know when you are ready to stop, you will be driven to get the help you need. I must see you as the adult you are instead of the child I was responsible for. You are old enough to make your own decisions. Your successes and failures are leading you on your journey. I don’t know what is best for you because I don’t know what you are meant to learn from this path. I love you and hope you will discover you are worth more than you are giving yourself right now. Until you figure that out, you will continue to suffer. No one else can complete you. You are a whole person all by yourself. 

With Acceptance & Love, 
A Better Me

Rachael Wolff ©2018

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Dear Humanity

I owe you an apology. I got so lost in what I was against, I lost sight in what I was for. I’ve seen politics get uglier and uglier through the years and have felt enraged about some of the mud slinging. Yet, in my rage, I became one of them. One of the people I’ve said I didn’t want to be: A person who puts agenda before people. I forgot to ask questions before damning other people’s beliefs. This is NOT who I am. Even if I don’t believe in other people’s beliefs or agendas, I still must be held accountable for the energy I’m contributing. If I forget MY humanity because of politics, injustices, social causes, religious beliefs, etc. My energy is going towards the very thing I’m against. That will only make the hate stronger and that is NOT WHAT I WANT. I’m just as guilty as the person who used the same tactics to keep someone else down. THIS IS NOT WHO I AM

If I really want to make positive change in this world, I have to remember who I am and what I stand for. No life is more or less valuable than my own. The people I don’t understand have taught me some amazing lessons, but I only learn them if I apply the lesson in a positive way. I will not allow other people’s prejudices and entitlement ruin my beliefs about humanity. 

I’m going back to putting my energy toward the changes I WANT TO SEE in the world. I’m going to look for the best in humanity. My energy is going towards the people who are creating change to better and strengthen our communities, communications, relationships, human rights, environment, foods, resources, and positive treatment of children and animals. These are the people I want to give my energy to. These are the people I want to align myself with. I will no longer contribute my energy towards hate. 

I have many friends who don’t have the same beliefs as I do, if I don’t understand I can ask questions. I don’t have to consider them a horrible person because they believe differently. I love my life. I love the way I live my life. My beliefs create my life to be what it is. If someone’s beliefs cause them pain and stress, it’s their job to re-evaluate their perspective if and when they get sick and tired of it. My beliefs tell me to show up with compassion and love—THIS IS WHO I AM. 

I hope you accept my apology for losing my way. Whether you heard my angry thoughts or not, I’m still holding myself accountable. I want to be better. I will do my best to put humanity first in all my daily exchanges. I will remind myself what I stand for in the face of hate, injustice, and oppression. I will contribute to the solutions instead of exasperating the problems that hold humanity back. This is my commitment to you. 

#ABetterMe #HumanityFirst

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me

Rachael Wolff ©2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Letters From A Better Me: 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp

Letters From A Better Me: 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp: Dear Readers, Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy to be there? Are you worn out by the negativity in your l...

35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp

Dear Readers,

  • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy to be there?
  • Are you worn out by the negativity in your life?
  • Are you done with feeling like a doormat?
  • Do you feel like you give so much and get little in return? 
  • Do you feel depleted and used? 
  • Do you question if your "too nice", "too trusting", or "love too much"?
  • Are you ready to transform into the best version of you that you can be?
  • Are you ready to create solid and healthy personal boundaries?
  • Are you ready to put healthy energy into your relationships, career, and causes? 

Now is the time for the 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp! I running a FREE test group for this program, and if you are really ready to put in the work; I invite you to come on an incredible journey with me. This is a boot camp! That means it’s an investment of your time on a daily basis. For thirty-five days you have to be willing to carve out a little time (20min-45min) in your day to work your ass off on YOU! Not the surface you; not one we can see in a physical form; the YOU that is deeper than that. You are committing to the YOU who wants a transformative push in the right direction, the YOU who wants better for your life. 


This program is interactive. If you want to keep getting the lessons, you have to complete the daily and weekly projects or the e-mails will stop coming. I’ll invest my time in you, if you invest your time in you.  If you complete the daily check-ins and weekly projects the program will continue onto the next phase. Each week of completed projects you will get a personalized e-mail to help you make the 35 days be as effective as possible using the work you’ve done so far. 

Once you complete the program you will be invited to a private group on Facebook to help you stay on this transformative path to be a better you. This is your journey. Only you can make the commitment. You have to complete the program for it to work the way it’s intended. If you quit, you will never know how all the pieces of the puzzle go together… And believe me, you will be questioning it at times. 

The journey starts on October 15, 2018 
(You must start on this date to be apart of this program) 
This program will only be offered for free this ONE time, and it won’t be as personalized. This is a very special offer for those who are taking the maiden voyage with me. 

Here’s how you get the ball rolling:

1.    Sign-up to follow http://lettersfromabetterme.blogspot.com via e-mail. I placed the link multiple places on the page to make it easy to find.
2.    They will send you a verification link; make sure you verify your e-mail
3.    A few days before the challenge starts: I will send you a direct e-mail address where you will get your daily and weekly assignments and be able to submit them directly to me. You will have me right there with you the whole way. 
4.    Follow http://fromalovingplace.com for articles that go along with the lessons
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6.    Commit to yourself to complete the 35 days without excuses. 

LOOK OUT FOR THE E-MAILS! IF YOU DON'T START RECEIVING E-MAILS CONTACT ME through  my the From A Loving Place Facebook Page. I want to make sure anyone who really wants to do this can. Comments don't always show up on this blog, so I want to make sure I get your requests.  

Just remember once October 15thhits; don’t fall behind. The program will work or fail according to the effort you put in. If you don’t complete the program, don’t beat yourself up. You either will feel a drive to complete it or you won’t. The drive is what tells you if you are ready for this. If you’re not ready or it’s not the right fit for you, keep looking for what is and commit to being the best version of you. 

While you wait for the start date on October 15th, I hope you will enjoy browsing the blogs on both sites. I hope you’re ready for a great adventure! 


With Lots of Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me
Rachael Wolff ©2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dear Perfection

I know you don't exist, so why do I expect you in places you don't belong? Why do I expect others to not make mistakes? Why do I condemn myself when I make mistake? My logic tells me I learn from the mistakes I made. Isn't that better than not learning anything at all. Is it necessary to shame myself and others for their mistakes, especially if they are taking responsibility and learning from them. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that there are some very sick people out there. I've personally experienced quite a few, but they have the right to learn from their mistakes too. If they are incapable of learning from their mistakes, they will serve as a great lesson, and if I learn from that extreme lesson, it's a blessing. In this way, I'm not the victim of someone else's imperfections. People who don't learn will get lesson, after lesson, after lesson. They may blame, shame, and continue to abuse themselves and others, and it will keep getting worse for them. Not my problem. That's their stuff, that is their attachments to how they think life should be. I get to decide how I want to live. You better believe, I'm not going to choose that way. Life is about the lessons and the blessings. There is no place for you here. 

I'm not going to beat myself up if I have feelings of fear, rage, anger, frustration, and disappointment. I'm not going to shame myself into unworthiness if I really screw up. It happens, and if I take responsibility for my part, I'll heal. I'll be free. I can't take responsibility for someone else's feelings, reactions, or actions. I can only take responsibility for mine. If I'm sorry and truly wronged someone, you better believe I will take responsibility for it. Even if they never meet me again, I will pay it forward. I am truly grateful each lesson that I get the opportunity to learn from. When I stopped believing in you, the blessings started flowing into my life.

I'm not perfect. Nobody is perfect. The expectation of perfection is a recipe for resentments, and I'm so tired of resentments. I'm tired of staying up all night having conversations in my head with people I will never talk to. I'm tired of carrying around dread and fear that is weighing me down. I'm taking responsibility for taking care of me: body, mind, and soul! There is no space for perfection, just lessons and blessings. It is not either/or. I do mean "and". If I learn the lesson, it becomes a blessing. That is a perspective that brings me peace. When I'm at peace, I feel joy. When I feel joy, I'm free.  

With Many Blessings and a Whole Lot of Gratitude, 

A Better Me


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dear Past

Dear Past, 

I’m letting you go of my attachment to you. I’ve let you hold me back for far too long. I will take the lessons you taught me without the attachments to the fear, anger, and pain. I’ve ruined too many relationships treating people like they were the people before them and that’s not fair. Trust has been non-existent and then I wonder why they leave. I have sabotaged so many relationships by not giving them a chance. 

I don’t want to live like that anymore. I want to be able to treat situations, people, and events as new adventures. I’ve confused trusting my gut with trusting my fear from repeating the past. I get signs of red flags, but instead of listening to them I’ve tried to manipulate them into swinging in a different direction. Really, what I was doing is try to fix past relationships. They didn’t work and neither will one that is full of red flags.

I’ve finally learned that it is better to be alone than in a relationship without trust. I don’t have to trust them as much as I need to trust me. I need to trust the reality of the situation and I can’t do that if I’m attached to you and all the hurts of my past. I know there will be times where I call on you, because I’m not perfect and I will slip in order to learn. My hope is that when I look back, I will acknowledge what I’m doing and not take it out on the people around me. If I do, I will be aware enough to apologize and own my over reaction to the current situation. 

I’m also letting go of my shame and guilt over my past mistakes. I’ve used my past as a weapon of mass destruction against myself. My abuse has reached to the point where I don’t even like looking in the mirror. I’m over not feeling worthy enough to look at myself. I’m tired of cutting myself down. I’m projecting how I feel about myself into every relationship I have and I’m sick of what is coming back to me. 

Today, I’m going to look at myself with fresh eyes. It is a new day. When I go to look in the mirror, I will no longer see my mistakes. I will focus my energy on the best parts of what is inside me and what I want to give to the world.

Thank you for your lessons. I’m ready to use them wisely. I will create a reality I want to be in. 

With Love and Gratitude,

A Better Me

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dear Life

Dear Life, 

I’ve officially decided, I’m going to live you to the fullest. I’m tired of being scared of what the future holds and drained from my past mistakes. I’m finally going to forgive myself for all the times I didn’t know better and start living. 

I know longer want to be envious over what adventures other people are taking or come up with excuses why I can’t do it. I’ve been putting so much negative energy out there that the good stuff stays just out of my reach. No more! 

Today, I will shift my energy towards gratitude and keep track of all the things I’m grateful for. I will make a daily effort to be happy for others who are experiencing and living their best lives. I will look for encouraging uplifting stories instead of ones that focus on hate, gossip, and keeping others down. I will live!

 I’m going to start focusing my attention on the choices I’m making to guarantee they are aligned with the life I want. I’m done beating myself up. I’ve had it. I can’t take my own abuse anymore. I don’t deserve it. When I look in the mirror, I will see a person who is living their life the best they can. I would be happy to see anyone I love doing that, so I need to do that for me. 

Looking around at a home full of clutter, I realized I don’t need all this stuff. I want memories and adventures. How can I have money for all these things and not for memories? I’m going to start small by looking at local things to do. I need to see what my own town offers such as trails, gardens, sights, historical locations, and entertainment. Then, I will let that energy build up into bigger adventures. I know the possibilities are limitless once I stop blocking the fun from my life. 

Please send me friends with adventurous spirits to help keep me on this path.  I don’t need to be caged by my own doing anymore.

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear Teachers

Dear Teachers,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do in and out of the classroom. I know being a teacher is not a job you leave behind when you leave school. You invest so much of your personal time and energy to make sure you are doing the best job that you can. You are hit with an unrealistic amount of demands from parents, administration, school boards, government, and committees all asking you to give more and more. 

All that would wear the average person down, but here you are in classes of 20 + kids and trying to give each of them a chance to succeed in an unknown world that changes faster than textbooks can be written. You make the impossible possible five days a week. 

Here’s what is really amazing, even accomplishing all the daily riggers, you still take the time to spot kids who need more of you than the subject you’re teaching covers. You still have the ability to spot those opportunities to mentor and possibility completely change the trajectory of a child’s life. Now, more than ever with the pressures put on these kids, this connection can save lives. You have the ability to catch things we can’t always see. I’m so grateful to the teachers who have helped me see where my kids needed more attention. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do my part in my child’s success. 

You have so many jobs the second you decide to become a teacher. You answer to so many different people. I want you to know, I see you! I notice you! I appreciate you! Most parents have a few kids to balance and can’t get it all done. You have 20 + and sometimes you make it look so easy when we ask you to do just a little more for our child. I know how big that is! You are a hero. 

If there are days you feel like giving up, I hope you find this letter and it reminds you that it is people like you that are remembered. You are the voices that stick with us as we face all the hurdles in life. We may remember random lessons or moments as we face some of our greatest successes. You are important! You Matter! 

“Learning is for you, not for your parents, your teachers, or your friends. It is the one thing no can ever take away from you, and what you put into it, you get out of it.” 
-Lynn Gesdorf (1988) 7thGrade English teacher

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me

Rachael Wolff ©2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

To Emotional, Mental, and/or Physical Abusers

To Emotional, Mental, and/or PhysicalAbusers:

Your pain towards yourselves is very clear. If you were healthy and happy individuals you wouldn't feel the need to tear someone else down. This is not just to men or women in romantic relationships. This is to the bosses, co-workers, friends, parents, sons, and/or daughters who are out there intentionally hurting others.

In my days of being in an abusive relationship, I became one of you. I called names and used manipulative cunning tools to get my way or to try to one up my abuser. I couldn't stand the words coming out of my mouth. I couldn't stand the thoughts going through my head.They were so against my innermost nature. The truth is I hated myself. That is the way I became you. My shame, guilt and lack of self-worth made me feel like there was no other way to escape from my abusers horrible attacks.

I believe that people can change, because I've been around to see too many people who have for better or for worse. One can't be true without the other. However, I know a great deal of abusers who choose not to change. If you blame ANYONE else for any of your horrible actions, you will not change for the better. 

The people receiving your emotional, mental, or physical beatings aren't MAKING you do ANYTHING! Your actions, reactions, and feelings are on YOU! If you were a happy and healthy person, you would project that to the world. You can't say you are healthy then tear someone else down in the same breath. If you want to change you have to take a deep hard look at yourself. You have to be honest about how your behavior is affecting your view. Everything you say about someone else is a direct reflection the person you really are. Your darkness shines through in your words. Healthy people don't intentionally hurt others. 

I accepted abuse for way too long because I hated myself. My abuser couldn't treat me worse than I treated myself. For every insult I was given I could match it with three. I couldn't get out until I saw my own worth. I had to truly believe that I deserved better than the treatment I was getting. When there was no question about my worth, I left. I will not match your energy ever again. You words don't have a negative effect on me anymore because I know they aren't true. I know I am lovable and deserve to feel love. Not a boss, co-worker, partner, or family member will tear down who I am. Most of all, I will not tear down who I am. 

I forgave the abusers in my life, but the most important person I forgave is myself. I treated myself horribly. I let how I felt about myself hurt other people I love. That apology was crucial, because without forgiving myself I might have let another one of you affect my inner well-being. I might have went down the shame cycle again doing things that weren't in the best interests of myself, family, friends, and community. As long as I continue to love myself, your words and actions will only do you harm. 

My goal is to stay healthy and happy so that I will not find my way back to another person like you or become you again. If I see you out there abusing others, I will call you out. I won't do this to shame you, but in hopes that one day you will see yourself in the eyes of your victims and decide to be better. 

Thank you for showing me how important it is to love myself and not believe other people's opinions of me. Anything I want others to feel about me, I have to feel for myself first. Your actions forced me to move and make the changes I needed in order to have a life I'm proud to be living.

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me 

Rachael Wolff ©2018

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

An Open Letter to Carroll County Maryland Sheriff's Department

An Open Letter to Carroll County Maryland Sheriff’s Department:
I was watching my friend in Florida go through one of the scariest moments as a mom. Her daughter ran away and the local sheriff’s department was offering very little encouragement. I couldn’t believe that this missing child didn’t seem to matter. The family would call and leave messages and who knew how long it would be before they would get back to them. Then once they did, there was nothing that left them feeling like their daughter’s life mattered. They simply took the stance that it’s not illegal to runaway. There was a lot more to worry about since her daughter put an open request on SnapChat to come pick her up at 11PM.

After seeing the phone records from her last night at home they realized she may be trying to get up to Carroll County. The next morning, I went on line and pulled up your website. Under your contact section, I saw a list of all the department heads including the Sheriff himself with direct e-mails for each person. This may not be surprising to some people, but our local Sheriff’s office list one phone number and one e-mail. EVERYTHING goes through these two options. I debated for a second on who to send the e-mail to. I decided to send it directly to Sheriff  Jim DeWees.

Thinking it would turn out the way the Florida efforts did, I didn’t expect much, especially being I’m not even the parent, I’m just a concerned friend of the family. Within thirty minutes of the e-mail, Cpl. Jeremy Holland contacted me. When my phone rang, I started tearing up the second he said who he was. For the first time I felt like the right people were in my friend’s corner. After our conversation he contacted both my friend and her husband. He stayed in contact with the family all day until they tracked her down. She was safe. A giant exhale came across all of us.

As if all your department’s help wasn’t enough, I get a call from Cpl. Holland letting me know they got her, just in case I didn’t know yet. I of course then have to write back the Sheriff and he responds back right away. He knew from the e-mail that we were desperate for help in finding her. He also had wonderful things to say about his team. I am in awe!

With all the negativity in the world, I knew it was important to share our experience with world. Your team gave us hope when we were under so much stress that exhaling seemed impossible. You are true heroes. The heart and compassion of Sheriff DeWees and Cpl. Holland came through each communication with the family and I. During a very dark time, you gave us hope. Carroll County is so lucky to have you on their side.

Thank you for being the people that you are and showing us that there still is so much heart out there serving us. I feel like a better person just for getting to work with you in the slightest way. I wish you and your whole department many blessing and I hope that other Sheriff’s offices around the country see what it means to extend a hand, whether required or not, to help lift people up around them.

With Love, Prayers, and Gratitude,

A Better Me

Rachael Wolff

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